A little bit of red?

Something strange happened today. As I was drying my hair, I noticed a streak of red. I stared closer and began to inspect each section of my hair. Was I turning a red head instead of gray?

Don’t get me wrong… I don’t want to be gray… but, red? on a blonde? As I age, I am getter darker hair and more of the blonde is slipping away. I searched my roots and found no red… an even stranger discovery.

As I walked out of the bathroom, I shrugged, eh… strawberry blonde is cute! However, when I showed my friend later in the day, she replied with, “wow, iron overload! You have too much iron in your water. Is your water softener system working properly?”

Nope. (Read: Catch Up) It hasn’t been working right for months.

So, I’m not a strawberry blonde… I’m over ironed.

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