Multiplication + Chicken 101

That caught your eye, right?

My third grader has been struggling with her multiplication facts. They take one week in class to go over the facts, how/why multiplication works and then they move on to fractions, division and other things. If you don’t memorize your facts, you are left in the dust. Each day a minute quiz is given. If you have conquered your facts in a minutes time, your quiz goes on the infamous wall of The Mad Minute… if not, you are left wondering if you will ever succeed. I’ve been trying to get my daughter to memorize the facts for about a month now. We will go over them, quiz them, worksheet them, make rhymes with them (skate times skate equals sticky floor) and even sing songs to them. Nothing has worked for the majority of the table. I’ve been praying for it to “just sink in” and tonight, I think we hit a milestone. My new approach? Give her the answers. Make her repeat them to me. Say a new fact + answer and then go back to the last one. It worked. I’m hoping it sticks.

In other news, I’ve always been afraid of chicken. It would seem that every time I tried my hand at baking, sautéing, frying or the like, that the silly chicken would not cook properly. I mean, I’ve had my fair share of nicely cooked chicken dishes… but something about the darn slippery thing that frightens me! I would even buy a pre-cooked roasted chicken to de-meat for other dishes… until tonight. The chicken has no power over me. I salted and peppered him, olive oiled him and roasted him in the the oven for an hour. He came out delish… and tomorrow? I will boil his bones for soup. The fear is gone. Watch out chicken…

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