I realized something this morning. Kids are see-through, easy to perceive if you pay attention to the clues…

Kids need their own friends. I mean siblings are great built-in friends, but…

I had been making my girls share play dates. My older daughter has a great best friend. She gets along with both of my girls, so I let her spend the night and come over often. My younger daughter does go to friends houses or have friends over… but most of the time, we invite the 8 year old’s best friend over to play and the 7 year old gets to play with them.

I noticed the need for best friend alone time this morning when my friend dropped her 4 kids off at 7:45 so that she could go to an early meeting. Her oldest is my oldest daughter’s best friend. She still had homework to do, since we were at Bible study late last night, and didn’t get to play right away this morning. Then when she was done with her homework, she was pouty because little sis had extra time with HER best friend. So, I sent the best friend upstairs to have alone time with my oldest and within minutes I heard laughter.

(The BFF's sometime this past fall…)

In yummier news… I made chili for the first time ever. I am not a kidney bean fan… so, I used white cannellini beans which have a creamy texture. It was really simple and I made the whole thing in my dutch oven. I posted the recipe HERE.

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    […] Anyway, the almost 9 year old had a slumber party this weekend for her birthday party. She had 7 little friends come over and we sent little sis over to a friends house so that ALL attention was on the birthday girl. It seems like a lot of the time her friends like to hug and pick up little sis, which makes big sis feel left out. (READ: Transparent) […]

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