Life Skills

My kids are at the age where they should be a bit more independent. They are good helpers and they do some chores, such as setting the table and cleaning up their toys… but there are some things that I have let slide. I’m a bit embarrassed to admit this but I’ve never taken the time to teach my kids basic life skills. Back up, the girls can do most of the things I am going to “teach” them, but maybe not the way they should do them. For instance, both girls can make a sandwich. They take bread, a knife and PB&J jars, spread and eat. However, they were handed each of the items. I want them to learn how to get out the bread from the top shelf of the refrigerator, find the peanut butter and most importantly – clean up after themselves. A big skill I want them to learn is how to pack an overnight bag. Seems silly, maybe… but it would insure that the outfit and nighty that they want are in the bag and teach them responsibility.

So, I decided to let them “earn” badges for a life skills book that I am making them. They love earning badges in Girl Scouts… so, why not at home too! I went into Photoshop and created these “badges” that I printed out on sticker paper. When they complete a set of rules for each life skill, they will be able to stick the sticker in their book.

I will probably come up with more when I have the time to make more stickers…


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One response to “Life Skills

  • Theresa

    Great idea! My parents didn’t really teach me life skills, and I always swore that wouldn’t happen when I had kids. Mine range in age from 11 to almost 18 (gasp) and they can all do laundry, cook a decent dinner, grocery shop, vacuum, run the dishwasher. I found that starting these things at a young age made it easier…young kids seem to enjoy doing ‘grown up’ things. Good luck!

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