Dutch wonder

There are 256,528,423 things you can do with a dutch oven. I tip my hat to the inventor. Maybe one of theses days I will get around to writing down the recipes in my head and post them. It all starts with an hour playing around on foodie sites, reading about how to make different yummo-licious dishes and then when I get to the kitchen, I do what I want with it.

My cute hubby gave me a dutch oven for Christmas. I use it at least once a week. I have made soups (like white bean chili, creamy white bean and carrot, chicken noodle) and I’ve made a London Broil that cooked for 3 hours to make pulled beef tacos. So many things. You can also do every step of a recipe from sautéing onions to putting it in the oven. I know you can do desserts, like cobbler – but I haven’t tried that yet.

Yesterday I scorched milk, veggie oil and sugar together and then when it was almost cooled, I added yeast and flour and let it rise for an hour. Yes, that’s right folks… I ventured into the world of the Pioneer Woman. I mean, what does this gal NOT do… I need that much ambition. And so, I made cinnamon rolls, from scratch. I rolled out a fourth of the dough last night and buttered, cinnamon and sugared it up. Then cut it into rolls and let it rise over night. I baked a pan for the kids this morning… it is a state testing day, so they needed a double breakfast (according to my 8 year old), so oatmeal first, then yummy rolls. Sorry Pillsbury, you have been replaced.

I really wish I lived on a farm. Big open fields, cows and horses. I would homeschool my kids… do crafts and bake all day.

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