Count it all Joy

Okay, it is challenge time again.

I am not a morning person. I do not like to get up in the morning. I am always rushed and feeling like my day is getting away from me, and that is all before 8:50 am.

The 21 day facebook fast had a nice affect on me… so, my new challenge is a 21 day wake up early challenge. I figure that I will be groggy and upset, but I am not a snooze button person (fear of the snooze not working!), so I will definitely get up when the alarm clock goes off.

Except for Sunday’s when I am singing at church and need to be up, I rarely use an alarm clock. I rely on 2 little girls to wake me up on the weekends and I usually, at some point, hear my husband getting ready on the week days, which wakes me up.

I feel like I will be more refreshed, relaxed and organized if I start my day earlier… instead of always rushing. So, my goal is 6:00 am. Day one starts tomorrow! My friend Erin said that she would do this challenge with me, so I have accountability too. (and now, so does she! 😉

On an unrelated note – or rather, it could be related… I really want to rescue a Golden Retriever. A new dog in the house could help motivate me for early morning walks. Then it would be a habit for him and he would come lick my face if I didn’t get up! About a week after Rusty died (read: So long dear friend), I started researching local rescue sites. I have done this several times over the last few years, mostly for fun, but now because I miss my walking pal, I am revisiting several sites and I am learning as much as I can. I’m not sure when we will apply, but the process is long after you apply. Interviews, home visits, referrals and then if we pass, we get paired with a dog. I think I need to be a bit picky about the dogs age, only because I don’t want to go through heartache again too soon. Obviously the rescue dog would not be a puppy – but some recuses have been known to get 8 or 9 month olds. We shall see…

*I have added a blog roll to the end (footnote) of this blog.
Please take note to the special “pray” section. A good friend of ours was recently admitted to the hospital. This verse, James 1:2-3 (and vs 12) is a reflection of this family. Even in the trials that they face, they are trusting in God and Counting it ALL joy.  Such a testimony of faith and trust, very humbling.

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One response to “Count it all Joy

  • mommie

    Mornings are great!!!!! Go girl!!! I could always call you if you need me to. I am always up by then, having had at least one cup of coffee and deep into God’s word. Praying for a success for you and Erin.

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