Livin’ the tween life…

Between the ages of eight and thirteen, girls undergo a mysterious transformation called the tween years. Once outspoken, self-confident 7 & 8 years olds can shrivel overnight into an insecure spiral of emotions. Giggles can turn to rage and/or despair and then at warp speed, they are giggling again. These mood swings apparently are not related to hormones (says my research), but rather an awareness of girls becoming something different than they once were… an individual, if you will.

My girls had friends spend the night this weekend. Most of the time was filled with laughter, playing, a movie and food. The little girls (7 year olds) got along the entire time and were mostly concerned with what clothes to put on Barbie next. The almost 9 year olds, however, got in 2 or 3 fights. There was no yelling or hitting, but the sassy “I can’t believe you want to do that, why don’t you want to do what I want to do?” At one point (7:15 am to be exact), my daughter came in upset that her friend wanted to play with the little girls instead of doing big girl things with her. She even got to the point of extreme bawling. A few minutes later, after re-explaining for the 100th time that if you have a friend over, you do what your friend wants to do… she was laughing and running around again. Sheesh! Hard to believe this is just the beginning…

On the 6:00 AM challenge home front, things are going pretty good. I was up immediately after my alarm went off and in the living room doing stretches. Amazingly, I felt refreshed and alert by the time I started brewing the coffee 20 minutes later. On Friday, when the alarm went off, I felt like a brick had landed on my forehead. My husband felt the same way, so we choose to stay in bed until 6:45. Bad choice. I felt rushed and just when I thought I had the day gripped in my hands, I got called in to Substitute teach. Sure would have been nice to have 45 extra minutes…
After sleeping in this weekend, it was hard to get up at 6:00 AM today, but I did it and I’m going to keep it up each weekday.

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One response to “Livin’ the tween life…

  • Kate

    Wow, I remember those years…spending some of them with you! You said you don’t remember, but we used to stay up watching “Top Gun” and singing really loud.

    Good for you, getting up early to exercise! Not me, not an early bird AT ALL!

    Miss you!

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