and they called it puppy love


On Saturday we received an email saying that we were first in line for our pick of 3 male Golden Retriever puppy rescues. The email stated, come and get your puppy now, so, we drove the two hours to pick up our new pup. When the rescue tech brought out the three puppies, one barked, one jumped up and down and one came and nuzzled his little wet nose up to my side. It was obvious which one grabbed my heart.

Sampson is a cuddly, docile fur ball. Golden’s temperament are funny. They are very excited to see you and can be a bit rambunctious, but if held or pet, they usually are pretty calm. Sammy is calm most of the time. Although, first thing in the morning he WANTS his playtime! He also loves shoes. If you forget to put them away, he finds them. Which is hilarious to watch because most of the shoes are bigger than him. I will take the shoe, tell him “wrong” and replace the shoe with a dog toy. When I go to put the shoe away, he will proceed to find the match and carry it in to his bed. If I walk into the kitchen to clean up, he will grab a chew toy and lay down. He likes to follow me around – or if he doesn’t see me walk away right away, he comes and finds me. I love seeing a little golden head peer around the corner!

We are having so much fun with Sammy, but as all puppies are – he is a ton of work! Hopefully soon he will sleep through the night. Right now he wakes up every 2 hours or so…

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