Slumber parties and playing hooky

My oldest is about to turn 9 years old. I was recently looking at old photo’s. Some of the parents and I from school threw a surprise baby shower for my younger daughter’s teacher and we had to find a baby photo for the teacher to play, “Guess which student”. Looking at old photo’s always makes me get nostalgic. Part of me wants to relive the past and maybe do a few parenting years over… and part of me loves the present.

Anyway, the almost 9 year old had a slumber party this weekend for her birthday party. She had 7 little friends come over and we sent little sis over to a friends house so that ALL attention was on the birthday girl. It seems like a lot of the time her friends like to hug and pick up little sis, which makes big sis feel left out. (READ: Transparent)

So… the birthday girl wanted to have a Red Carpet event. More like a movie theme, of sorts. We bought a ton of candy that comes in the boxes just like the movie theater sells, popped popcorn, had animal crackers and twizzlers (can we say SUGAR high???) Whew! 

The girls arrived and walked up the red carpet:  Then I interviewed each one with a play microphone before they were allowed to enter the house. We had a boombox (do they still call them that???) outside playing the latest tween hits. After all the girls arrived and little sis left, the girls ran around and screamed for about 30 minutes and then it was time for chicken nuggets. While I cleaned up the kitchen, I put on a movie and let them pick out their candy and popcorn. After the movie I let them run around again for about 40 minutes before I had them settle down for scary stories. I don’t know what it is about this age… but they always try and scare each other. Remembering back to my childhood, I’m thinking we were older than that. Anyway, about an hour after that I finally told them to go to sleep. After all, we DO have a new puppy that still wakes up in the night and has nightmares. In the morning (6:30 am, thanks to puppy), the girls played and had doughnuts. Again, they played some game trying to scare each other. Another strange thing was one of the girls brought a cell phone. You know, in case she needed to text her mom. Um okay.

In other news, today I pulled the girls out of school. I’ve been wanting to take them out and have a fun day, but with 3rd grade math – I never do. Today the 3rd grade went on a field trip that she didn’t mind missing, so we visited with their cousins that they haven’t seen in 3 months, got their hair cut and then headed to Grammy’s house for the rest of the day. The kids played and the puppy enjoyed running around in lush grass. Our grass is filled with mole holes and places that the squirrels have dug up their nuts and yucky sand…bleh!

Anyway, usually the 8 year old will just get a trim and keep her 20+ inches of hair… but today she wanted to donate her hair to Locks of Love… so, . I am so proud of her… she has had long hair since she was three years old. It was a scary moment for her, but she did it! The fashion queen (aka the 7 year old) got some layers cut, because you know mom, that’s the “in” thing in 1st grade.

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