Sizzled out…

My grill died. I’m pretty bummed. It is my fault, really. I didn’t oil him, clean him properly or cover him. He sat out year after year in the elements, with particles of food rotting below the grates. Sure I brushed him after each use and even wiped down the burner a few times… but alas, it wasn’t enough. The rust became too much for him and now his burner has fallen to pieces. How depressing this moment is, in the heat of the summer – prime grillin’ time. Think of all the burgers that will go un-cooked. The crispy grilled pizzas, the corn still in their husks… the steaks… sigh. Remember all those lazy nights, sizzling a burger while I sipped my wine? I even stood in the rain for you!
Why didn’t I take better care of you? Maybe there is hope. I will search for replacement parts and maybe, just maybe you will burn again for me.

I'm sorry I hurt you...

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One response to “Sizzled out…

  • Crisanne

    Replacement parts are generally pretty easy to come by. We have had better luck with the same brand as the grill rather than going with the “universal” stuff. Home Depot/Lowes should have everything you need. Happy grillin’ times will be here again!! 🙂

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