Little Women

My  number one calling in life is to raise little women of faith.

It’s hard, children that believe in tooth fairies and Santa Claus. I mean, I’ve tried to explain that Santa was a person named St. Nick – who was a good man that gave presents to children. They get that… but… yet. The other day I actually overheard a conversation with the girls and their friends. It was about the tooth fairy and it sounded like this: “The tooth fairy is a small little fairy that comes and brings you money and takes your teeth.”  “Really? because I always assumed that it was just my mom since the tooth fairy is always late or forgets.”  “Oh no, the tooth fairy is really a scary monster that loves to steal teeth, but then feels guilty for taking them and that’s why he leaves you money!”

The Easter bunny is an easy one. Maybe. My 9 year old exclaimed about two years ago that it was really creepy for a grown man to dress up as a bunny and break into our houses, just to give them candy. I was like… um, yeah… that IS creepy. So again… where does that leave us? Do you have faith in him or are you just trusting this grown man to not steal anything in our house?

When the kids and I talk about Jesus and salvation, they can tell me that they have a personal relationship with Jesus and that they believe He died on the cross for our sins so that we might live in heaven with Him forever when we die. We have had discussions about “the body and the blood” (communion) and why they represent what they do and how Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross (the shedding of his blood) was what he did (die) for us so that we might have a life with Him (in heaven). Whew. They understand and yet, they don’t. They are only 7 and 9 years old. I can only keep reading to them, discussing with them and praying for them (and with them).

It is my calling.

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