Old Wounds

Remember the saying, “time heals old wounds”? Well, it is somewhat true… That is until something triggers your memory and the wound reopens and hurts more than you remember.

What things trigger your memories? For me it is music or scents. A song will come on and if there is a memory associated with it – good or bad – it comes flooding back. The same thing can be said for scents. A whiff of something I’ve smelled before and where I was or who I was with usually invades my thoughts. Strangely enough, no music or scents are really associated with one old wound… The loss of our dog, Rusty, last year. However, having our new pup around triggers good memories… Which sometimes makes me sad.

Along the same lines, I am producing creating an iMovie called “A Decade of ( child’s name)” for her birthday which is in a few months. It is unbelievable that I’ve been a mom for almost 10 years. Scary, really. It is really hard for me to remember how she was at 2 years old… Thank goodness for old pictures and movies. Too bad the quality wasn’t great… Or that most of the early years are on those small 8 mm cassettes. (I remember those being so cool! The latest modern technology. Speaking of technology… I am trying out writing this on my new iPad2! Woot!) hopefully the movie turns out great and it will be something she watches many times. I am hoping to also make her a baby book. There are a few old albums that I started with baby pics, but it ends after everything went digital. I’m going to scan the old pics and make an online book to print. Besides that, what do you buy a 10 year old???

Matching vests… with Grampy.

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