Ski week

There is a week in January that is dubbed, “Ski week”. The local high schoolers are testing the entire week, so we dismiss 2 hours early each day and then the following week, we get off Monday and Tuesday. In the words of my 8 year old (that loves school), “Why do we get out of school if only the highschoolers are testing?” You nailed that one on the head girl!

The girls have never been skiing. After all, ice skating was a big feat, so I wasn’t sure the kids were up to this task. I went back and forth on whether to even take the 8 year old, since she tends to be whiney when learning new things. She doesn’t neccessarily give up, but she will struggle her way through with a sour face and the noises to go with it. In the end, we enrolled both kids in a 2 hour class/4 hour pass. They learned how to move their feet sans skis, then with one ski on, then with both skis. When they went up the magic carpet to go down the bunny hill, I left. I didn’t want to be a distraction OR an excuse to quit. I came back and hour later and was shocked to see that both of my girls were getting on the ski lift to go down a pretty long hill. Pride swelled up in my heart when I saw them coming down the hill – the 9 year old by herself and the 8 year old holding on to an instructors pole. As the 8 year old skied up to me, she had a sour look on her face, but got back in line for the lift. I was more nervous about her not getting a seat on the lift fast enough than I was about her falling down the hill. When they came back around, she was skiing alone! Needless-to-say, after the lesson both girls spent the next two hours going down the slopes with daddy. I am so proud of both of them!

Since the kids had off 2 days in a row, the day before was spent ice skating! I told the 8 year old (after she fell) that falling on the ice hurt way more than falling in the snow. I talked skiing up all day – I think it worked!

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