The way you walk

Almost every morning, I walk my dog Sammy. I pass the same cars leaving for work, I pass the same people on their walks… we nod and wave. A strange thing happens when I pass someone different. Somehow, my rear end gets bigger. Not literally, of course, but when I see someone coming out of their house or standing in their yard – I become self-conscious of how I walk. My leg twitches and I start to walk funny. Maybe I’m vain, they probably aren’t even glancing my way.

In other rambling, Valentine’s day is coming. I’ve been married for 11 and a half years and we have yet to celebrate it. Thanks Hallmark for another glorified excuse to charge me extra at dinner with my husband. Do we really need a day dedicated to love? Do people live the other 364 days of the year forgetting to love? No, Hallmark needed an excuse to sell pink and red cards, candy and chocolate. Don’t get me wrong, I do love me some pink – and chocolate, but I don’t want to pay double the cost for a reese’s cup because it is shaped like a heart. (Sure the hearts and easter egg shapes DO somehow taste better than the regular shaped cups… how do they do that?) Anyway, I will be attending a Girl Scout meeting that night… should be fun. What do you like to do (or not do) for Valentine’s day?

ah, love

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