A thing called Love

The first time our eyes met was on a Sunday in October of 1998. Church had ended and we were both talking to our friends. Like a pull from a magnet our gazes met from across the room and we both gravitated towards each other.

“Hi,” you said, “I’m Chris.”
“Hello,” I said, “I’m Kim.”
“I know. You are the singer girl.”, you said.

Summer of 1999

Somehow you obtained my phone number (some meddling from a friend and my sister) and called me that night. We talked for a few hours and I held a smile the entire time. After two weeks of dating, we discussed marriage. We both agreed that our parents might snap and decided to wait six months. A few weeks before our six month mark, you had dinner with my parents and asked for my hand. We were engaged soon after and married a year later.

May 2000

In a whirlwind we left for flight school. Moved again, had two kids. Moved again… but through it all there was a thing called love. The glue that holds us together.

Jan 2011



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