Day and Night


There couldn’t be more differences than that between Sir Day and Queen Night. One is bright, one is dark. One brings hustle, one brings calm. One brings life, one brings sleep. One brings fears, one brings dreams.

It seems that not only are my children very different, but because of the difference in school age – there is also a huge difference. They are only 19 months a part, but in school 2 years. Second grade brings innocence, pride, playfulness. Fourth grade brings uncertainty, fear and reality. I was just looking at my kids school pictures. The 4th grader looks so grown up. She has a huge smile, shoulders pulled back with confidence and a certain look of knowledge. However, the picture isn’t quite truthful. The 4th grader is only semi-confident and she definitely pouts more than she smiles. The 2nd grader looks cutesy and has her shoulders tilted. She is playful and loves to revert to baby talk. I’m not sure what happens in Third grade – somewhere in the second part of the year, they grow up. They realize they are their own person. Friends change, personalities change. It is so hard to know when and where to step in – or what to say… I sometimes usually say the wrong thing and get stomps and shouts my way. What’s a parent to do? I’m just so lost sometimes…

I’m not complaining. My kids are great. They are well behaved and they love to hug and giggle. We spend our weekends playing games, taking walks and just being together.

Don’t tell the Hubs that I uploaded this… the girls decided to give daddy a “do” while he was relaxing. I wish the girls would still wear these cute barrettes.

In other news, we celebrated part of the 4th graders 10th birthday at the American Girl Store yesterday. We were there for FOUR hours. First, we walked around and oooo and awed over all the dolls, outfits and accessories. Then the girls did a craft. Then we had Tea in the Bistro. They even had little high chairs and tea cups for the dolls.


Ready for Tea

so dainty

the almost 10 year old… she was so embarrassed when the entire Bistro started singing to her!

Then, the girls went on a scavenger hunt throughout the dual-level store. When we finally left, I felt like I had run a few miles. Grammy came along too. The girls were so excited because my mom and dad have been RVing for the last 3 months and they are finally home.

Speaking of RVing, for the remainder of the kids break, they are camping with my parents. I recently took a new part time job, so I am able to catch up on some work while they are gone. First though, time to plan the real birthday party and wrap some presents!!

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