About Me

I am a wife and a mom of two wonderful children. I started this blog as a continuation of Half My Heart, a blog I started while my husband was deployed to Afghanistan. Since I am making life changes, I felt a change in blog name was in order! I picked the name “Another Revelation” because I felt that starting a new fresh blog was a revelation to me.

The definition of Revelation is:

revelation |ˌrevəˈlā sh ən|noun: a surprising and previously unknown fact, esp. one that is made known in a dramatic way.• the divine or supernatural disclosure to humans of something relating to human existence or the world  | a divine revelation.• the last book of the New Testament, recounting a divine revelation of the future to St. John.

The Lord is leading me down the path that I am meant to live and I am growing as a wife and mother with His help. Everyday is a new adventure… and I can’t wait to breath it in.

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