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Middle School 101

Someone really needs to write a book on how to survive the middle school years… for PARENTS. Sigh.

Maybe it is just me, but I feel like middle school is a ton of work, not only for the kids – but for the parents too. I feel like I have ulcers in the pit of my stomach because of how much worrying I do. We’ve organized the notebook and folders, she does her homework – and somehow, somehow there are missing grades. I really want to be a fly on the wall to see what goes on all day in each class. According to the 6th grader, several boys in 2 of her classes are very disruptive and the teacher spends most of the hour scolding them and then the whole class about the way to act in school… which then takes away from classwork and instruction time.

Not only this, but the county has a site for parents to check the students assignments and grades. I am obsessed with looking at it twice a day. Not that it helps my imaginary ulcers, but I do it anyway.

I was thinking about the movie Frozen this morning. The song “Let it Go” really applies to me here… I need to let it go. I keep dwelling on the words “missing assignment” or the fact that she got 10 out of 12, on a homework assignment that I checked and all the math problems she did correctly. It is hard to be a mom.



Time flies when you having fun…

In less than two weeks I will have a middle schooler. – That sound? It was my heart falling into the pit of my stomach. Not only is it hard to grasp that I have an 11 year old, rising 6th grader, but it is hard to grasp that – that much time has passed since her birth. The younger one will be a 4th grader and almost 10. 

I was just looking back at the last time I blogged – I was talking about my 6th grader’s 10th birthday party when she was a 4th grader. Where did the last year and a half go? 

I’m really excited about what this year will bring. I vividly remember middle school. I don’t really remember much about elementary school, but now that I will have a middle schooler, I’m excited for her and ready to share some of my experiences with her. Hopefully I can be a good pep-talker.

In other news, we spent some time in Idaho this summer. My in-laws moved out there about two years ago… so last summer and this summer we took a two week vacation there. It is beautiful. We started taking family hikes, which my husband loves… and the kids and I like. I say that because we normally end up on a hike that takes 8 hours or so and ends up going straight up on rocky terrain. While the “up” is definitely hard, the “down” is painful on my old knees. Anyway, there is so much that has happened and place we have visited, etc… that I’m just going to end with – I’m going to make a collaboration of crock pot meals that I make and list them on a new blog… so that is the only reason I popped on here and started typing. 🙂 Until next time…