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Sour Grapes

I’ve been thinking of starting a book club. I love to read but often felt that if I joined a book club then I’d have to give in to the current book the club was reading and then have to make time to discuss it.  I know, so petty. I am a spur of the moment reader. I see a book that looks good, feels good (yes, sometimes texture matters) and the summary has to grab me.

Anyway, I finally decided that a club that discussed books AND wine was the club choice for me. I am no connoisseur, I just love wine… especially reds. I would love to say that I know the difference of a three year old cabernet sauvignon to a day old pinot noir, but atlas, I digress.

I’ve been playing with some club names that I think are witty… let me know what you think! I’ve picked one, which I will list last…

Reading between the wines

Grapes for thought

Winey women book club

As the page turns

A novel idea

At second glance

The book case

Wine by the book

Chapter One

And… dun, dun, dun –dun: The Book Vine

My 9 year old even designed a logo for me. (She also picked a club name, Wine stop reading? – good eh?)