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Lunch Time

Life. I exist because the Lord made me, in His image to glorify and worship Him.

My calling is to be a great wife and mother, which I strive to do everyday. I figure out my faults and work on doing better. I pray for my marriage, my kids health and for their future husbands. I look for ways to help others, like tomorrow I am taking dinner to a friend that just had a baby. I feel like my every move is me –  trying harder to be more like Jesus. Yet, I fail.

I’m only human. After all.

Well that doesn’t seem like a good excuse to fail.

I have hobbies… passions, just like the next Joe. Some of these passions include singing, writing and graphic arts. I also like to volunteer my time at the elementary school. I join teams or book clubs because I like to. No one is forcing me to sing on the worship team at church. No one forces me to read a book and then talk about it with a group of girls over wine. I DO because I WANT.

I volunteer because I am using my time and talents to serve others. I go to serve because I like to help out. No one told me that I had to volunteer. I DO because I WANT.


The other day I witnessed something. A cute, sweet little girl came up to my daughter, put her arm around her and proclaimed, “You WILL sit next to me at lunch.” My daughter, being a bit shy and sweet herself replied, “I would like to sit with Judy today. I sat with you every day this year so far.” To which the little girl replied, “No, you are sitting with me!” … and so she did. She also cried about it later.

There are many forms of bullying. Some know they are doing it, some do not. How might we solve an issue like this? A sweet little girl telling others what to do… I am at a loss.


I leave you with a funny:

The whole point in writing songs is to publish them… my daughter, age 7 brought a handful of papers to me the other night. It was pages of words that she had written. She was glowing and a bit embarrassed for me to read them. She claimed that it was a bunch of silly, crazy songs that she had made up – but maybe she should just throw them away – quick!… because after all, The whole point in writing songs is to publish them – and these are waaayyyy to silly to publish.

How can I keep from singing Your Name? I am loved by the King and it makes my heart - want to sing