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A walk to remember

There were days, the past four months to be exact, that I loved walking with you. I trained you to heal at my side or at my heal. You were a good little pup that listened well. I decided to start jogging with you, pick up the pace a bit and at first, you were hesitant. You lagged behind a bit, but after many days of encouraging words from me, you started to trot at my side. Then one day last week, you decided to sniff. Something clicked in your little brain that you were now the Alpha and at any passing moment you can stop completely or charge ahead. We will be running a nice pace when all of the sudden you plant all fours in a stand still just to sniff someone’s grass. Then, like nothing happened at all, you will bolt forward, glancing back at me – your eyes saying, “come on human, I thought we were jogging?” Sigh.

yeah, I've got it made