Kit and Kat

My kids love nicknames. In fact, the 7 year old wants too badly to have a cutesy nickname, that she will refer to herself in the first person. It’s hard – the 9 year old has a natural name that comes with plenty of nicknames. Not only that, but she was the first baby. You know that story… 1st baby gets all the pictures taken, the nicknames, the songs made up about them. Second baby… not so much. I only have two kids, so I’d imagine that by the third baby you either feel guilty and take even more pictures, or you are so lazy you only have one picture. Anyway, lately I’ve tried extra hard to call my 7 year old some nicknames that could go with her name and it always makes her smile.

For those of you that have followed along since the start of my first blog, HalfMyHeart, you will remember that I referred to my kids as “Pig Will” and “Pig Me Too”, which are names of two little pigs in a Richard Scarry storybook. Then, in this blog, I’ve always referred to them as their current age. The other day, I was singing the KitKat song… I’m not sure why, but it was stuck in my head. We had been calling the 7 year old “Kat” because both kids like to act like cats… and we needed a new nickname anyway. So a lightbulb went off and I called the kids into the room with a huge grin on my face. “Guess what guys? You are now, “Kit” and Kat”!!!” They loved it.

Sammy digging at the beach. How do I stop the digging!! You should see our yard...

In other news, the girls have been at VBS and swim lessons all week. Vacation Bible School is from 9-12 and then their swim lessons are at 4 pm… we we have a few hours in between to play or get things done. I have never seen the kids crash so hard at night before! I love good summer activities!! However, I can’t say that there hasn’t been the fair share of fighting. I feel like they are so competitive at everything they do… right down to getting the mail. They even fight over who gets to let the dog out of his kennel when we arrive home from somewhere. Please tell me this is normal and that they will grow out of it!!! It sometimes always puts me on edge too… I find it best to try and walk away, even if that means I go outside. The last few days I’ve ordered them outside to run the dog around. This seems to work for about 2.5 seconds.

So… I’m thinking of starting a club. I’m not sure what kind yet – and who it will involve, but I’ve played with a few ideas. I love to cook, read, sing, eat cheese, ice cream and drink wine. I thought maybe I could even start a children’s chorus… but I’m not sure if I have the patience for that, unless it was a very small group of kids. I’m thinking I like the sound of a wine and cheese book club where we taste different cheeses and wine each month and discuss the current book we are reading. We could even exchange recipes and/or bring appetizers to share. Either that or I will start a tennis club.

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